Joe Gauthier

Funeral Service Professional


Toll Free Phone: 1-888-614-8016
Office Phone: 306-522-3232
Fax: 306-757-8016

Joe Gauthier has a soft, kind personality that has made him a favorite among staff and families at Speers during his long history with the company.

Born and raised in Calgary, Joe moved to Saskatchewan and joined the Speers Funeral Chapel in 1972, where he quickly became a valued member of the team. As a founding member of Regina Palliative Care Bereavement Groups, he has continued to play an important role in helping thousands of families who have faced the challenges and emotions that come from losing a loved one.

Joe and his wife Winnie have one son, Carter (Susana) and two grandsons, Timothy and Joshua. Partially retired, Joe and Winnie are thrilled to spend time traveling all over the world. Some of their favorite times have been road trips across the US, stopping at casinos and other fun spots.

Over his many valued years with Speers, Joe has developed a sincere love of working with people, sharing in their experiences, and offering them strength and hope.

Joe can be reached by email at or by calling Speers at 522-3232.