Cremation Memorials

Although cremation has grown in popularity in Saskatchewan, the need to memorialize our loved one's has not changed.

Today, there are an increasing number of ways to memorialize a loved one who has been cremated - many of which are different from traditional cemetery headstones. From personalized urns and jewelry, to modern cemetery memorials, including columbaria, the possibilities today are truly endless.

Many of these new options are appropriate for home, garden or park settings and can be transportable to a new home.

To help families learn more about these new options, we have created this page about cremation memorials. For more information, please contact us.

In-Home and Personal Memorials

To remember our loved one's everyday, there are many options for special and personal memorial keepsakes. Many families choose to display a plaque or personalized urn on the mantle. An even more personal option is memorial jewelry, which can contain special compartments for cremated remains.

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Personalized Urns

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Candles


Cemetery Memorials

Contrary to popular belief, many Saskatchewan families choose a cemetery as their final resting place when cremation has been chosen. This is largely due to the many new options available in addition to burial in a traditional-sized plot.

Today, many modern cemeteries, including Regina's Riverside Memorial Park, feature less-expensive cremation sections with smaller plot sizes, which also provide families the freedom to erect a granite memorial of their choice.

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Traditional Monuments


Park and Garden Memorials

Paying tribute to a loved one at their favourite place, or as a special contribution to a community or cause that was close to their heart can be an especially meaningful way to memorialize them.  Installing a granite or bronze plaque or erecting a memorial bench can provide a permanent symbol in the community of what your loved one stood for and believed in, while at the same time proving a place of reflection for your family.

Dedication Plaques

Bench Memorials