Thoughts and memories during the funeral tell the story of a lifetime. Sharing this occasion can bring great comfort to those who are unable to attend in person. With our livestreaming service, family and friends from all over the world can participate in viewing the livestream, or watch the recording at their own convenience. 

How do I watch a livestream funeral?

  • Find the tribute page of the deceased who's service you wish to view. You can view all tribute pages by clicking here.
  • Once on the tribute page, you will see  "Please click here to view the livestream of the service" immediately above the obituary.
  • Please note that the link will be available on the day of the service.
  • Click on the link to watch the livestream or recording.
  • The livestream will begin 5 minutes before service time.
  • A recording of the service will be available once the service is over. This recording will be accessible for 3 months following the service.
  • During some livestream services, viewers can select from different cameras to watch from. The camera can be changed by selecting the camera icon (see red arrow below).

Helpful Tips

  • It is recommended to view the livestream on an updated internet browser, such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 
  • A minimum internet speed of 520 Kbps is needed.
  • Livestreaming may be interrupted due to network connection beyond our control. Rest assured that a full recording of the service will be available for viewing following the conclusion of the service.