At Speers, we are dedicated to doing everything within our professional abilities to ensure that your family is especially well cared for. Over the years, we have had the privilege of having many families send us thank-you notes or submit positive reviews on our Facebook page.

We are honoured to share just a few notes from families with you on our website to help provide an image of the high standard of service we aim to provide with every family in our care.

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"One word - phenomenal. The whole staff at Speers was absolutely wonderful to deal with. Everyone was very kind and understanding. Special thanks to Roberta and Michelle for helping us."

- Carla Duke

"Speers is the most kind, caring and professional team I have ever met. They treat you like family and make the effort to make the funeral and burial process as easy as possible and with such compassion. I really cannot put into words how truly grateful I am for everything the Speers team has done for us. I recommend them 100%. Thank you Speers."

- Jamie Engele

"The week following our father's passing was very stressful and emotionally exhausting. However, there is no way we could have gone through it and created such a memorable funeral for our Dad without the guidance and friendship of our Funeral Director, Lorne Puffalt. He is a true testament to his profession and I will always remember him and the Speers staff fondly when I think about Dad's funeral. Lorne even helped us include Dad's beloved boat as part of the procession to the cemetery... what a great personal touch that we will always remember."

- Adam Reeson & Family